Discovery Institute Press is the book publishing division of Discovery Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on research, education, action, and cultural renewal. Headquartered in Seattle, Discovery Institute’s mission is to advance a culture of purpose, creativity and innovation. The Institute investigates the life-changing possibilities of a universe brimming with information and intelligent design. It has a special interest in exploring how science and technology can advance free markets, propel new discoveries, illuminate public policy, and support human dignity and the metaphysical foundations of a free society.

Discovery Institute Press focuses on bringing out high-quality books by Discovery Institute Fellows and other experts that explore science, technology, public policy, and religion and civic life.  Most of our books are non-fiction trade books for a general adult readership, but our Discovery Institute Press Academic imprint publishes technical monographs of exceptional merit.  Our science books are published in conjunction with the Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. Our technology books are published in conjunction with the Institute’s Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence and Technology and Democracy Project. Our public policy books are inspired by the Institute’s Chapman Center for Citizen Leadership, American Center for Transforming Education, Center on Human Exceptionalism, and Center on Wealth and Poverty. Books in our Religion and Civic Life imprint grow out of the Institute’s program on Religion, Liberty, and Civic Life. 


John West, Editor-in-Chief
Jonathan Witt, Executive Editor

Discovery Institute Press does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. 

If you are interested in reviewing a Discovery Institute Press book, you can request a review copy here: https://www.discovery.org/forms/review/.